The Pintlar Scenic Area, Continental Divide in the background near
Wise River, Montana
Dual Sport Adventure Tours
Northern End of the Continental Divid e @ the Canadian Border on the North Fork of the
Flathead Road near Whitefish, Montana
Looking Back at the Grand Tetons heading towards the Divide,
Jackson, Wyoming
Mexican Border at Antelope Wells, New Mexico - the southern end
of the US Continental Divide

Our tours parallel and cross the Continental Divide in all of its splendor. It is common to spot
herds of elk and a bear on occasion. This area is also contains many of Montana's unique gold
rush "Ghost Towns" including Granite, Virginia City and Bannock - Montana's first Territorial
Capital. The Big Hole Battlefield where the Nez Pierce fought off the US Army in the late 1800's
is also located here.
Out on the open Prairie in western South Dakota
In the mud in New Mexico

Great Divide Dual Sport Adventures has experience in leading tours along the entire Continental
Divide - from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border and South Dakota's Black Hills. So we
are glad to offer specialized tours along the entire US Continental Divide as well as South Dakota's
Black Hills.

But since Montana is our home base, we specialize in leading tours through Montana's many back
roads, from mountain passes to the wide open grasslands.

If you have a day or two you won't want to miss spending it tooling around places called the
"North Fork of the Flathead", "Hungry Horse Reservoir", the "Yaak", the "Swan Valley" and
"Flathead Lake & Valley" in Northwest Montana. We also lead customized day tours of back
roads of areas not typically travelled around Glacier National Park.

In Southwest Montana we lead customized multi-day tours through places named the "Rock
Creek", the "Pintlers", the "Big Hole Valley", "Bitterroot Mountains", the "Gravelly Range" and the
"Centennial Valley" with spectacular views, byways and a tunnel that most tourists miss.

Give us a call to for further details and pricing.
Through an old train tunnel near Butte, Montana